words have the power to build a person up or tear a person down. i want my words to make each person that comes across them feel something. i want you to feel happy, sad, maybe angry, but i really want you to feel that you can relate to what i’m saying. when i talk about embracing your broken pieces, i don’t mean pointing out the flaws you see in yourself and being happy with them. i want you to be able to take those broken pieces and find something positive about them in order to help you overcome them. i’ve been stuck juggling a lot of my broken pieces at the same time, but i’m taking a step back to find the positive side of things.

this blog isn’t going to be all hearts and flowers, not all of my broken pieces are noticeable unless i point them out to you. however, this blog will be real and i hope that whenever you find yourself on this site, you feel at ease. i’m choosing to embrace my broken pieces in order to better myself. why are you choosing to embrace yours?