simple + selfish lifeee

simple : easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty

selfish : lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure

both of these definitions describe me accurately.

for as long as i can remember i have been described as selfish. i like to do things that make me happy, and sometimes i do not consider how the people around me feel. i have committed a lot of selfish acts.

for as long as i can remember i have wanted to live my life in a more simple way. i’ve grown into a young adult who is materialistic. i’m obsessed with lululemon, my coffee can only come from starbucks, and i have to have an iphone. i have become “basic” if you would like to call me that.

i’ve always been the person who wanted the nicest and newest products on the shelf, but money does not grow on trees and a lot of the time i did not always get what i wanted.

tough shit, right? not everyone can always have what they want.

well, when i started working and making my own money i started buying materialistic products i wanted but didn’t always necessary need. i am not the most fiscally responsible girl, and something tells me i’ll always struggle with this. i’ve run into plenty of issues regarding money, and i still keep repeating the same habits over and over again. shopping when i’m bored, buying crap i do not and probably will not ever need. it’s just who i am and what i do… but now that  i’m living on my own with bills to pay and a new car i need to buy, i have to be more frugal.

i have to go from a selfish and materialistic young adult to a young adult living the simple life. i’m only in my early 20’s, i don’t need the nicest and newest products that are released and at easy access, i need something i can rely on. i need to pay my bills. i need to keep food in the apartment so i do not eat out constantly. i need to stop focusing on what the people in the world around me have that i might want and start focusing on what i need.

these two words, simple + selfish, apply to more than just finances in my life. they apply to who i choose to be my friends, who i choose to date, where i choose to spend my time, and probably anything else you can think of. the point of telling you all of this is to hope you gain a better understanding of why i’m writing.

i’m doing it for myself and yes, that is selfish. however, i’m doing it for you as well and this concept is simple. i hope to share what i learn by being selfish with you because i want you to understand that it’s helping me grow. i want you to understand how my selfish tendencies are teaching me how to live a much simpler life.

i hope you like what you read and i hope you come back. thank you for taking on this wild journey that i call my life, and i promise you won’t be disappointed.