if you are reading this, i’m happy you’re here!

welcome to the embrace!

you’ve just stepped inside the safe space i’ve created for myself. a space where i can use my hopes and dreams, my passions, and my mistakes to teach ya something special. i’m going to talk about my life in the most raw and real way that i know how. you’ll get to know my best friends, my ex/potential/future boyfriends, my family, but most importantly you’ll get to know me!

the embrace is a home i’ve created online to welcome guys and gals from near and far to feel okay. my favorite thing is when people i barely know tell me they stumbled across one of my posts and could relate to it, that’s all i’m trying to do. i’m taking all of the embarrassing things i’ve done and will surely do in my life and turning them into these amazing moments. moments that i already have and in the future will learn from, but moments that everyone can relate to. we are all a little crazy, some just hide it better than others. we are all a little broken, some just know their way around a first aid kit while others prefer to let their wounds heal naturally. the most important thing is that i want the embrace to make ya feel safe no matter what. i hope to make ya laugh, sometimes cry, feel a little uncomfortable, and i hope to get you talking about it. accepting that i’m broken was probably one of the craziest and biggest life changing moments i’ve had in my twenty-one years of being on earth, but god works within our broken. his love is something i’m still learning about every day, and it’s something i will talk about in some of my posts. but just because we feel weak does not mean someone else cannot see us as strong. my broken is what has helped shape me into the person i am today … what has your broken done? are you embracing it and learning from it or are you letting it defeat you one late night cry at a time?

i already love you for visiting my blog and stepping into my embrace. i hope you will stay awhile and maybe read a few posts while you’re here. the embrace isn’t meant to scare you, it’s meant to show you that some of us have a lot more in common than we like to think … it’s meant to be a home where you don’t feel the need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

welcome to it, make yourself comfortable, and don’t be afraid to embrace the broken that makes you who you are !!