welcome to my bio, y’all! normally i would say something about how i’m finding myself through Jesus and i’d tell you i’m obsessed with iced coffee. however, as i sat back and thought about what people really wanted to read here, iced coffee and Jesus didn’t make sense. while i love both of them dearly, i figured i should keep this section about me a little more real. tell the truth about who i am and why i’m writing.

not everyone is comfortable writing about their feelings and sharing them with whoever wants to listen. not everyone is okay with setting themselves up to be critiqued by whoever reads the words posted on this page. i have become very comfortable in this world though. i’ve become okay being vulnerable about who i am in order to help others. but i wasn’t always this way.

one of my biggest broken pieces is my daily struggle with my faith. i know i love jesus and i love reading the pages in the bible, but i don’t always love dedicating my sundays to Him. i don’t love sitting in church and not feeling God tug on my heart strings. it’s been almost four years since i really began my dance with Him and everyday seems to be a little different… i fight him a lot, i ask for a lot, and i don’t thank anyone enough! however, without my faith i never would’ve began writing! i didn’t become okay sharing this with anyone until four years ago… it’s kinda crazy to me! but now that i am and i see the people who relate to it, and i have people tell me they love what i write, i know this broken piece regarding my faith isn’t as big as i once thought. i’m embracing this broken piece of myself in order to overcome it and continue to use the talents given to me to help other people.

there are so many other broken pieces of myself that i will write about. i’ll write about my self confidence and constant criticism, and you’ll laugh when i laugh and cry when i cry. but i do this in order to release built up stress. i do this because i love it. i do this because every time i reach a new person, i know i’m on my way to making a difference.

hopefully everyone who visits this page will come back. my life is quite an interesting story so far! there is a lot more where that came from, i’m sure of it! my goal is to make you okay with the words even if they make ya feel slightly uncomfortable! my uncomfortable is what stems a lot of these posts! i love everyone i’ve reached already and i can’t wait to continue this journey with those who’ve believed in my from the start!

please enjoy and embrace your broken!

xoxo y’all đź’‹