no spark !!

can’t seem to find my creative spark to type out an entire blog post … but here’s a snippet of my life the last week and a half for ya !!!

i’ve been sick for like two weeks now! food makes me wanna puke and i force myself to eat it! i’ve been chugging water like i’ve been stranded in a desert for days, and i’ve had nonstop headaches. i spent all of last sunday (second pic of me in my bed) nursing a hangover and never leaving my bed. and last night i drove home with 6 loads of dirty laundry and stepped into my mom role for the next week! i’m tired, can’t seem to pee in peace, and the only thing i wanna do is sleep… yet i’m driving my siblings to class tourneys, basketball games, and tennis matches and i’m making dinner. my head is still pounding and my nausea has yet to subside but i’m doing it cause i love them! i’m gonna focus on finding a happy balance between work/classes and relaxation while they’re in school … but for now just enjoy some embarrassing pics while i try to get my body healthy and hydrated !!


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