this one is for the girls

hey y’all! with valentine’s day only being one week away, i thought it’d be a good time to embrace a broken piece of myself. we all know that valentine’s day is about love, but do we actually need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to have a good valentine’s day?

i’ve spent so much time hating this holiday, hating holidays in general honestly, because i’ve been single. there is a voice inside my head constantly tugging at me. why won’t a guy take the time to get to know you? why won’t anyone love you? and my personal favorite, why are you still single? these questions haunt me so often, that i’ve taken a look in the mirror and torn myself apart more times than i can count! i hate doing that to myself, but what else is there to do when the voice in your head won’t stop? who else can i talk to about this? i’ve prayed about it, told my best friends about it, and cried about … but it still happens more often than i’d like to admit…

…especially around valentine’s day. i thought this year might different. i thought there might be a boy involved, maybe dinner and possibly flowers. but as the day approaches i’m realizing i might’ve been wrong about this day again. i was getting frustrated with my current boy situation and decided that i don’t need one on valentine’s day! why need a boy when i have my girls? i thought about this more and definitely think we all need a valentine’s day dedicated to the girls.

we all spend time beating ourselves up about why we’re not good enough, but do we ever praise ourselves? maybe you do, but do your praises ever outweigh that voice in your head? mine don’t!! so this year i’ve sought out a valentine in one of my roommates. i’m in search of a giant panda bear and some vegan snacks! i’m going to let her know that even though boys are kinda dumb sometimes, i still love her on valentine’s day. my best friend was recently played, i’ll show her some love and remind her that boys may come and go, but your girls will be there forever!

there really is no need for us to beat ourselves up over situations that might be temporary! do i want a boyfriend in my life? absolutely! do i enjoy wasting time getting to know people who aren’t interested in me? definitely not! i just want to know that you like me and i want to be able to communicate like the twenty-something year old adults we pretend to be!

this valentine’s day i will embrace the broken part of me that reminds me i’m not good enough. i will embrace it to overcome it, because i know someday someone will think i am good enough! i will embrace it to feel strong. one broken thing leads to another, and i’m tired of letting that voice get to me. i’m tired of crying when my head hits the pillow. i’m tired of letting what others (boys) think about me get to my head.

i’ve heard over and over again that if someone really wants to be in your life they’ll make time for you. if they are interested in you, you’ll never second guess them. i guess i’m waiting for that opportunity to show itself to me. but i don’t have to suffer in silence while i wait. i can present that opportunity to my best girl friends. i can show them that love on valentine’s day doesn’t have to come from just boys, but your girls too! it can come from your parents and your siblings, your aunts and your uncles. it can be a text message from an old friend saying they still care for you, or it can be a fancy dinner at a five star restaurant. everyone is so different and that is what makes the world so great.

we don’t have to let the voices inside of our heads tear us down. we can embrace them in order to overcome them. we can channel our frustrations into energy towards making the day of those around you. so i’m dedicating this year to my girls!

happy galentine’s day, y’all! i pray that it’s your best one yet and i pray y’all remember that no matter what you are still loved! 💛


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